Schedule a Study

Schedule an Imaging Session


PET, CT, SPECT:  Contact to request an appointment time for either an assisted or unassisted imaging session.  Requests for imaging sessions that are more than 2 months away will only be scheduled on a tentative basis.  Every attempt will be made to arrange the schedule so that all requests can be accommodated.  If you need to postpone an appointment, contact at least 2 days prior to the appointment so the time slot can be used by another investigator.

OPTICAL, MRI:  For assisted scans contact to request an appointment time.  For unassisted scans, access to the scheduling calendar will be provided to users once they have been trained in use of the instrument.  It is the responsibility of the user to delete their reservation if they will be unable to use the time slot.

CRYOTOME, AUTORADIOGRAPHY, PROCEDURE ROOM: An online scheduling calendar is available to reserve use of the cryotome, to perform autoradiography, or use the procedure room for approved procedures.  Contact to request internet access to the scheduling calendar or to discuss use of the procedure room.

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