Frequent User Rewards Program

CMGI Frequent User Reward Program   


The CMGI offers a Frequent User Reward Program that awards a monthly credit of 15% to PIs who are frequent users of CMGI services.

When a PI has spent $5,000 on imaging and/or CMGI-produced radiopharmaceuticals, a 15% credit will be applied to combined imaging and radiopharmaceutical charges each month.  For this program, ‘imaging’ includes assisted or unassisted use of any imaging instrument (PET, CT, MRI, SPECT, Maestro, Spectrum, MicroXCT Specimen Scanner, phosphor Imager, and optical cryomicrotome); labor charges for assisted scanning are not included. ‘Radiopharmaceuticals’ include 18F and 64Cu produced on the cyclotron in CMGI, as well as 18F- and 11C-labeled tracers.

 This program is run on a calendar-year basis:  PI expenditure totals are annually reset to $0 on December 31st.  

 Imaging and radiopharmaceutical charges that are paid by a CMGI-funded pilot study are not eligible for the Frequent User Reward Program. 

This revised Reward program will be reviewed periodically.  CMGI reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions if warranted by changes in our financial situation. 

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