Radiochemistry Services at CMGI


  • We produce a menu of PET radiotracers which are not commercially available
  • We perform custom syntheses of novel PET radiotracers
  • We produce isotopes and PET radiotracers on demand with our on-site cyclotron
  • We can analyze metabolites in conjunction with PET imaging studies

An 11 MeV cyclotron on site at CMGI (Siemens RDS111) produces F-18, C-11, and N-13 on demand.

CMGI Radiochemistry: A resource for PET Imaging


The Radiochemistry Facility is equipped for on-site production of radioisotopes and custom synthesis of radiotracers, to support PET imaging at UC Davis.

Cyclotron-produced PET isotopes

F-18 110 minutes Daily on demand
C-11 20 minutes Daily on demand
N-13 10 minutes Daily on demand

Frequently used PET isotopes from third party suppliers

Cu-64 12.7 hours Weekly
Zr-89 78.4 hours Weekly
I-124 100.3 hours Weekly

Radionuclides are delivered directly to shielded hot cells, in which syntheses are performed.

Most F-18 and C-11 PET radiotracers are prepared in automated synthesis units.

Remote manipulators are used for manual reactions.

PET Radiotracers Available at CMGI

The PET radiotracers below are readily available at CMGI; new tracers can be added at client request.

PET radiotracer price list

Routine PET Radiotracers

[18F]FDG Glucose metabolism
[18F]NaF Osteogenic activity

PET Radiotracers for Oncology

[18F]FAZA Hypoxia
[18F]FMISO Hypoxia
[18F]Fluoroglutamine Glutamine Metabolism
[18F]FLT Cell proliferation

PET Radiotracers for Neuroscience

[11C]Raclopride D2 Dopamine receptors
[11C]SCH23390 D1 Dopamine receptors
[18F]FMT DOPA Metabolism
[11C]GR103545 Kappa opioid receptors
[11C]PK11195 TSPO targeting for neuroinflammation
[18F]PBR111 TSPO targeting for neuroinflammation
[18F]DPA-714  TSPIO targeting for neuroinflammation
[11C]PiB Beta-amyloid plaques in neuronal tissue
[11C]DASB Serotonin receptors
[18F]UCB-H    Synaptic Vessel Glycoprotein 2A (SV2A)

Miscellaneous/ Multiple Functionality

[18F]FHBG Reporter probe for imaging HSV1-tk gene expression
[18F]FBA Prosthetic group for peptide labeling
[18F]SFB Prosthetic group for peptide labeling
[13N]NH3 Cardiac perfusion
[64Cu]Cu-PTSM Cell perfusion
64 Cu-, 89 Zr-, and 124 I-radiolabeled targeting molecules
The longer half lives of Cu-64, Zr-89, and I-124 are well matched to targeting molecules with relatively slow biological clearance, such as antibodies and antibody constructs. At right isan example of a radiolabeled targeting molecule: in this case, an antibody radiolabeled with Zr-89 via the chelating (metal binding) moiety desferrioxamine. Analogous constructs can be prepared at CMGI, with targeting molecules conjugated to Cu-64 or Zr-89 chelates, or radiolabeled directly with I-124.

Method Development of New PET Radiotracers


  • Suggestions for new PET radiotracers for prospective studies are always welcome. CMGI regularly adds new tracers to its menu, most at client request.
  • CMGI can provide an estimate for development time and expense; method development may take as little as 3-6 weeks.
  • CMGI pilot grant funding may help to develop tracers of general interest, subject to availability and approval.

CMGI pilot grant information

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