CMGI Attends WMIC 2022

With co-director Dr. Julie Sutcliffe serving as co-president of the World Molecular Imaging Society for 2022, members of CMGI attended the World Molecular Imaging Congress in Miami, FL (Sept 28-Oct 1) and presented some of the work being done between the center and its collaborators:



In collaboration with the UC Davis CounterACT Center, Sydney Baker presented on CE-MRI as a means to evaluate blood-brain barrier permeability in rats exposed to organophosphates.




Working alongside Karen Bales’ lab at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC), Sarah Tam delivered a presentation on building a titi monkey brain atlas to develop better segmentation methods in pair bonding studies.





Dr. Doug Rowland reported on his work in developing a deep learning method for segmenting microCT images of mouse lungs using data from a study of Covid-19.








Dr. Brad Hobson presented on studies done with the Morrison Lab at CNPRC that showed that TSPO- and Tau-PET can detect neuroinflammation and tau accumulation in a NHP model of Alzheimer’s disease.



CMGI co-director Dr. Abhijit Chaudhari presented work demonstrating that Total Body PET/CT with F18-FDG can be used to assess the autoimmune inflammation associated with arthritis.



Overall, the conference was a huge success. So much great work is being done around the world in the field of molecular imaging!

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